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    Special Notes From Our Students & Customers:

    • "Great atmosphere! Amazing, talented and kind music and dance instructors! So great to have Music & Dance Academy in Glendale"
    • "Positive energy was all over this beautiful music store. When I entered this music and dance store, I was greeted with a warm smile. Edwin Galestian is very friendly and gave me a complementary first piano lesson in one of their classrooms. In the background, I could hear a soft voice class in one of the other classrooms. During my visit, a repeat customer entered to pick up a beautiful drum set she was financing for her son. She was also very happy with her purchase, as she had financed a trumpet previously. I felt that music and dance classes are their specialties, while they are also active in retail sales of most musical instruments. A customer walked in and exchanged the wrong guitar strings her son bought a few days earlier. She was also treated with much respect and this customer looked very satisfied! I give Five Star Music & Dance Academy a thumbs up!" ~Anonymous
    • "Great music lessons, solid rehearsal space, and they're normally open later than they're supposed to be, which is great for late night gigs when you need to buy some last-minute equipment. They're also able to bring in custom-made "specialty" ethnic instruments, which are either not mass-produced or tough to come by in your average music store."
    • "My 5-year-old daughter started taking piano lessons from Edwin about 2 months ago. She had been taking piano lessons somewhere else for a year and a half, and we were considering giving up - she wouldn't practice, felt bad and frustrated whenever she made a mistake - it was a constant battle in our house. When we met with Edwin for the first time, he told me "My students don't have to practice. But they will want to practice." I was skeptical that my daughter would really want to practice, but I was relieved that there wouldn't be pressure on her or on me anymore."
    • "Edwin's approach is one where the kids have some choice on what they want to work on. He will ask her at the beginning "what do you want to work on today?" If my daughter doesn't have anything in mind, he selects something. With whatever song they end up working on, he teaches her skills like keeping the beat and about how to put together different arrangements of the same song. So the approach isn't linear - it isn't a matter of "we've got to get through this book then move on to the next one". Instead, each song is a chance to work on and improve skills that will turn my daughter into a successful piano player."
    • "My daughter was responsive from the beginning. I think that she really likes that she is given a choice on what to work on during the lesson, and that she is challenged without being pushed to do more than she can. After she had been coming for a couple of weeks, she was ready to start practicing. She sets the timer for 10 minutes each day and practices. I don't give her any direction on what to practice - she's allowed to work on whatever she wants. And she loves to challenge herself! Recently, she's started to ask me "mom, can I practice longer?" and she'll sit at the piano for 45 minutes or more, just working on mastering her songs. She's feeling good about herself and her abilities, and she feels successful. And she's learning a lot! I am so happy that my daughter is enjoying playing the piano, loves to practice, and is learning a lot too! Thank you Edwin and Five Star Music & Dance!"
    • "Two thumbs up for Edwin Galestian. I've been learning the piano from Edwin Galestian for about two years and I could not imagine a better teacher. Discover Edwin Galestian and enjoy learning while having fun. Here are my top 3 reasons:

      1. Edwin Galestian will work towards your goals and personalize the lessons to fit your interests and needs. He will train his piano students from Classical to Pop and also he is great in teaching Piano Arrangements according to his own unique style of teaching, MTM (Modern Teaching Method). He and I review my goals on a regular basis and continue to set new milestones. He writes arrangements according to my progress and abilities. I found this approach to be very effective in motivating me and keeping me on track (which can be challenging at times as an adult learner).

      2. He knows his stuff. He is equally experienced as an instructor as he is as a performer. He started teaching the Piano at age 14. Edwin Galestian understands music theory, ear training, sight reading, classical and pop, composition, arrangements and plays professionally - plus has had many years of music teaching. all levels - which makes him the ultimate teacher.

      3. Edwin Galestian is a fun guy! He has a great sense of humor and cares about his students. I've enjoyed every single lessons, even the ones when I went in stressed from work or life. He is a great life coach, and his friendship is included at the package."
    • *His students seem to stick around for years, which is a good indication of his teaching abilities. I recommend Edwin Galestian wholeheartedly!" -Frank
    • *Wonderful environment of professionals that truly want and work toward the students' progress and success while keeping it fun, exciting and motivating. Tough love! Music teachers' (piano teacher) approach is refreshing, scholarly, individualized and invigorating. Dance teacher is energetic,accomplished, positive and immensely creative. Great place for the students to blossom and fall in love with the arts. Splendid work Five Star Music and Dance Academy."
    • *This place is home to some of the most friendliest teachers around town! They have the utmost patience and are very understanding and do all they can to make a pleasant learning experience. I have been attending Five Star Music & Dance for a few years now, and their service is the best, otherwise I would not be there today. I highly recommend that you enroll your child in one of the dance classes or guitar/piano classes. If you are looking for an instrument to purchase or equipment to buy, start your search here, with reasonable prices."


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    FSMD & Ellenie Studios featured in the Acorn Newspaper

    Congratulations to our music & dance instructors, as well as our  dance students for an awesome performance! 

    Sade Champagne performs at the Oxnard Boys & Girls Club!

    Sade Champagne, of Ventura, sings "Hero" by Mariah Carey at Friday's "Get your Grades Up" School Tour Mini Concert at the Oxnard Boys & Girls Club. Students, parents, teachers, advisers and community leaders were invited to the event designed to encourage students to do well in school.

    Our guitar instructor, singer-songwriter, & guitarist Michael Quest Performing live!


    Glendale Arts Pop Up Concert Series in Glendale