At Five Star Music & Dance Academy, our instructors specialize in music and dance instruction for children, teenagers, and adults. We organize events and recitals, which create opportunities for students to perform and showcase their talents. Our goal is to create memorable experiences through music!


    We also provide music and dance services for private events, film, television, music video choreography, and more.




    The Modern Teaching Method (MTM) is the method we use at FSMD, which is all based on a well-rounded curriculum of music theory, ear training, and sight-reading. All of our instructors are professional musicians with university degrees, with extensive experience teaching and performing. Most importantly, they are trained to customize their teaching methods to each student's learning style, needs and talents.




    In our dance studio, we offer a variety of private and group dance classes for children, teens, and adults (ages 2.5yrs+), directed by Ellenie Galestian​ and her IDWT​ dance company choreographers. We are so passionate about dance and there is a lot of knowledge we have to teach and offer our dancers. The more consistent our students are in class, the better the outcome. We are so thankful to have the amazing students we have and we want to continue to keep growing our abilities and discovering the pure joy of dance and performance!

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    Edwin Galestian

    MUSIC Director & PIANO Instructor

    Edwin Galestian began his music education at the age of six and started teaching at the age of fourteen. By his junior days at school, he was already conducting choirs and leading music programs. He continued his studies in music composition at the University of Tehran, just prior to moving to the United States in 1979 before the Iranian revolution.


    He began working at a company called Organ Exchange, where he worked his way up to upper management, and later stood as a partner of the corporation. In 1985, he founded his own music retail store and school. Since then, thousands of students have learned to play the piano and other musical instruments with his Modern Teaching Method. Today, he continues to bring his decades of professional experience to those who are eager to make playing music an integral part of their lives.


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    Medick Galestian


    Medick Galestian, wife of Edwin Galestian, is the welcoming face at Five Star Music and Dance Academy. Medick assists with the registration of new students and scheduling. She is a dedicated and caring manager, and is always making sure that our students and parents are well taken care of. She has managed our music and dance schools throughout the years and is a true delight to have as part of our staff.

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    Ellenie Galestian

    Dance director and Instructor

    Ellenie was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She started dancing when she was two and a half years old and continued consistently into her college years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Dance from California State University, Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, Ellenie served as the youngest dance instructor at UCLA at just 22 years old. In 2006, she moved to New York City to embrace opportunities in musical theatre, performing on Broadway's production of “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame” and for Aretha Franklin. In 2011, she returned home to LA to further pursue a career in music. She now owns and operates Five Star Music & Dance Academy, continues to exercise her artistic passions, and is also a proud wife and mother of a baby boy.



    Isabella Garcia

    Isabella Garcia

    CHOREOGRAPHER / DancE Instructor

    Isabella Garcia raised in Whittier California. Professional Dancer and Choreographer. Attended and graduated at Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts. Choreographed a piece in the IAF Choreographers Showcase, performed multiple times for half time show at the Los Angeles Clippers Game, participated in a reality tv show, been a part of multiple skeleton crews for KPOP Crews, have done multiple modeling jobs, dances in concept videos, trains with The Lab, Chapkis Dance, Lume Dance Program, and C8 Dynasty Dance.

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    Clarissa McElroy

    Violin Instructor

    Originally from Minneapolis MN, Clarissa has been dancing professionally in Los Angeles for 10 years. She is well versed in many styles including: hip hop, jazz funk, jazz, heels, samba and Latin styles. Her credits include: Beyoncé, Janele Monae, Shakira, Pitbull, Keke Palmer, Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up”,

    T-Mobile, Best Buy and more! She specializes in “commercial choreography”-choreography for tour or tv/film and loves to see how quickly her students (of all ages) grow!

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    Lisa Lewolt


    Lisa began acting and dancing at the age of ten, winning her first role in the hit TV Show "Malcolm in The Middle." She has appeared in over 15 national commercials including Pepsi, Burger King, Mervyn's and Lexus, 20 T.V. shows such as "American Dreams", "Boston Public", "The Brian McKnight show"; and 5 films. She has performed half-time shows for the Raiders, Lakers and 49ers. She has opened for Sean Kingston and danced with many international pop and R&B artists on tour. She won CMT’s hit TV show “Your Chance to Dance.” She has also choreographed and danced in music videos for some of today’s top artists.

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    Lita Neuman

    Violin Instructor

    Lita Neumann, our violin instructor was born into a musical family in Pasadena, CA. She started participating in music at a young age. Lita has been teaching music at "Five Star Music & Dance Academy" for over ten years. She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and to keep music as a part of their everyday lives, especially her students.


    She plays, performs, teaches the violin, and is also a songwriter.

    Lita is currently writing new songs, performing the violin in various concerts, and also singing in both English and Spanish.

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    Christopher Golden

    Guitar Instructor

    Chris Golden was raised in Eugene OR where he began playing bass at age 10. He later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he studied Jazz Composition and received a bachelor's Degree in Performance on both electric and upright bass. Chris now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he has recorded and performed with many notable artists including Rod Stewart, Carly Simon, Mick Fleetwood, Black Eyed Pease, Xzibit, Kenny G, Art Garfunkel, Engelbert Humperdinck, Greg Manning, and Brian Auger.


    Additionally, Chris continues to compose, produce, perform, and record for many independent music and film projects as well as for TV and radio. Chris currently tours internationally with Engelbert Humperdinck and leads his own acoustic and electric jazz quartets. Chris has been teaching as a guitar instructor at Five Star Music & Dance Academy since 2019.

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    Michael Quest

    Guitar Instructor - Songwriter - Recording Artist

    Michael Quest has over 20 years of experience teaching guitar to students of all ages. Enthusiastic and dedicated, he incorporates his own method in book form, emphasizing the training of the ear to hear and enjoy music as it needs to be played. His knowledge includes tablature, musical notation and a multi-faceted knowledge of popular music stemming from his 30 years of experience.


    Michael holds a BS in Art Education from the University of Michigan with teaching credentials.

    Marineh Gharibian

    Production manager

    Marineh Gharibian has years of experience as Event Manager.

    She is providing her services to our Music and Dance Academy as our full time Production Manager.

    Marineh is very dedicated at her work by :

    Quality Standards

    Set quality standards, monitor productivity and product / and Service Standards and implement complete quality control programs, planning and organizing production schedules.

    Overseeing Production Processes and creating production schedule.

    Occupational safety and health.

    Overseeing team members, and solving production challenges as they rise.

    Marineh is very understanding technical specifications, and maintaining safety standards. She has effective communication skills as she coordinates with various departments and report to higher management.